There is a quiet, introvert-friendly way to career success.

If you have ambitious career dreams but feel like you’re being held back by your introvert tendencies, then it’s time you start to work with someone who…

… gives you career advice tailored for introverts.

… knows how to help you embrace and leverage your quiet ways – not work against them.

… has experienced the struggle of navigating the corporate world as an introvert and understands when to respect your boundaries and when to nudge you out of your comfort zone.

Here’s how I can support you

Coaching Services


Introvert Career 


In this 12 week 1:1 coaching program you will learn how to leverage your introvert power so you can make your next career move with confidence and in an introvert friendly way.


Show up, Introvert


In this 90-minute intensive session you will learn how to leave a lasting impression in meetings, presentations, interviews & networking conversations.

What’s your introvert
super power?

Uncover your introvert super power and leverage it to claim your dream job!

Hi, I’m Hannah

I’m a Brand Marketer and Career Coach for ambitious introverts.

I combine my expertise in building fast moving consumer brands with my experience in recruiting and developing talent into an introvert-friendly career strategy that will get you noticed for great career opportunities without feeling icky or salesy.

I focus on building killer clarity and a strong Personal Brand that does the work for you and has Hiring Managers reach out to you in no time.


Test yourself

What is your introvert
super power?

Uncover your inherent introvert super power and start leveraging it to claim the job you deserve.