My career took off when I stopped taking extrovert advice and started doing things my way.

When I first started my corporate career six years ago, I thought I had everything I needed to succeed. A strong work ethic, the ability to learn fast and the willpower to go the extra mile time and time again.

I quickly learned that there was much more to being noticed, seen and considered for opportunities in the corporate world.

It was about knowing and connecting to the right stakeholders, grabbing coffee with strangers, presenting at town halls and having small talk at the coffee machine. Ugh!

I was given advice that predominantly caters to how extroverts succeed in the corporate world. And I tried. And failed miserably.

Until I figured out a way that would work for me and allowed me to stay who I am in the process.


Stop playing the extrovert

Ambitious Introvert

I have always been naturally ambitious. Wanting to progress, learn and develop runs in my veins for however long I can think back. It took me a while to find the sweet spot of bringing this ambition to life in a healthy and sustainable way.

Over time, I learned to distinguish between the “bad kind” of ambition and the “good kind” of ambition. The bad kind of ambition was me pretending to be extrovert, because I thought that was what it took to succeed in the corporate world.

Needless to say, playing the extrovert role didn‘t get me far. The good kind of ambition is me embracing my introversion and leveraging my quiet power to succeed in an intentional,
strategic way.

What’s your introvert
super power?

Uncover your introvert super power and leverage it to claim your dream job!

Brand Marketer

Embracing my introversion is what ultimately landed me my dream job in Brand Marketing. I didn’t have to be the most visible and loud to get there. Instead, I created a network with intention and built relevant 1:1 relationships that would support my ambition and advocate for me.

Now that I know how the corporate world works for me, I can fully focus on building my expertise in brand marketing. I am truly passionate about building brands in a way that sustains their core identity while using innovative technologies, pioneering new channels and data driven strategies.


Career Coach

Unlike becoming a Brand Marketer, Career Coaching was never really on my radar, but something that happened naturally along the way. I was always interested in and inspired by personal development and career growth, but it wasn’t until I uncovered my niche that I truly stepped into this role.

Working with ambitious introverts is where I can truly make a difference, because I’ve been there – and am still there. I can combine my expertise in communication, branding and human resources to specifically cater to ambitious introverts, who are as excited about making an impact in the world as I am.

My three core values are growth, courage and freedom. I believe that we can achieve what we set our minds to and continuously grow and develop in a way that is meaningful to the world we live in.

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Fun facts


Cologne, Germany, with my partner
Lukas and our rescue dog Leia


10k steps with my dog lady


Anything that sells real estate
in California


Oat Milk Flat Whites

My learning & development curve

My core values in life and in business are growth, courage and freedom. I don’t think there will ever be a day I won’t want to learn a new skill or acquire new knowledge. It’s part of who I am and what I need to be happy.

My formal education is rooted in Communication, Business Administration & Marketing, I hold a B. A. in Multilingual Communication and a M. Sc. In Marketing & Communication.

Here’s a peek into my own career timeline so far.


B.A. Multilingual Communication


M. Sc. Marketing & Communications




HR Business


Digital Commerce


Brand Marketing & Innovation Manager

I have started to see my strengths and step by step, I am building a Personal Brand to work with on my personal and professional journey. Hannah is a good listener, polite, fun and direct. I have gotten a lot out of building a vision of my ideal work environment, which keeps me oriented in the right direction.


I’ve been getting confirmation of what I value about myself and been able to see traits and strengths that weren’t readily accessible before. Working together with Hannah feels like I have new direction and I’m hopeful about where I’m headed. I feel seen, heard and validated in a deep way.



Test yourself

What is your introvert
super power?

Uncover your inherent introvert super power and start leveraging it to claim the job you deserve.